Hairoine Shea Body Butter

Every pregnant woman’s best friend

The Hairoine Shea Body Butter – every pregnant woman’s best friend Spring time is here and as the weather gets warmer it’s still as important as ever to keep moisturised. No-one knows this better than mums-to-be who have a beautiful growing baby bump to look after. Stretch-marks and dry skin can cause discomfort to most pregnant women if not taken care of properly; something that The Hairoine hopes to help with her Whipped Coconut Mango Shea Body Butter formula. The ingredients in this intensely moisturising body butter not only work wonders on the skin but smell great too.

Shea butter is a pregnant woman’s best friend! Applying Shea butter to the stomach improves the elasticity of the skin which can prevent or reduces stretch marks. It also relieves sore muscles and alleviates the ‘itchy belly’ syndrome that women get when their stomach is expanding.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about the body butter. “As a mom to be, with twins, I’ve bought the expensive boutique tummy butters and oils. Then at 19 weeks I tried the Hairoine Shea Butter. There is no comparison! The other brands I put on, and need to reapply after a few hours. With the Shea Butter, I apply in the morning and my belly is still very moisturized when I retire to sleep. That’s not to mention the comfort I get from knowing the ingredients are all natural, and the uplifting scents of the essential oils. Its like aromatherapy, and super stretch mark prevention in one. And it’s very affordable. Thank you Hairoine! I highly recommend the Shea Butter to other moms to be.” – Zahira M, London

The Hairoine whipped Shea body butter is not just for new mums but for babies too. Once baby arrives, the butter can be used for dry skin and nappy rashes too. Best of all, it’s all natural! The body butter contains all the benefits of Shea butter for pregnant women as well as being creamy, smooth and easy to use, making it a perfect natural stretch mark treatment.

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