Kitchen Beauty Masks

Eating plenty of healthy food and fresh fruit and vegetables is essential for good skin, however we often don’t realise it but we have lots of beauty products in our kitchens. Here are some great Kitchen beauty masks recipes.

Oats have always been prized for their energy giving properties, but they are also great for the skin. When added to a bath can provide relief for eczema, mild burns, and generally maintain your skin. For a lovely natural facial scrub, you can use them alone, or create individual face masks. Try this recipe for a luxurious mask.

Oat Glow Mask
1/2 cup of oats.
5 or 6 drops of rose or lavender oil.
To make it into a paste, you can add either water, yoghurt, or milk (cow or goat).
Crush the oats and mix the ingredients together to form the paste. It is ready to use! Save a little of the paste, and after using it as a scub to exfoliate your skin, you can use the rest as a relaxing mask.

Yoghurt has mild cleansing properties for your skin. You can smooth it on your skin plain or add other natural ingredients to make a mask.

Natural Yoghurt Face Mask
1 cup plain yoghurt.
1 table spoon of honey.
A dash of lemon juice.
1 egg white (whipped).
Mix together the yoghurt, honey and lemon juice. Whisk your egg white then add to the yoghurt mix. Apply to your face and neck, lie back and relax for 15 minutes.

Avocados are full of moisturising qualities. Again you can use them plain and mashed, as a basic moisture boost, add them to the yogurt mask.

Avocado Moisture Mask
1 ripe avocado.
1 tablespoon of honey.
Mix the ingredients together into a paste, and apply to face and neck for 15-20 minutes.

Honey is a wonderful ingredient for beautiful skin.

Honey and Oat Soothing Mask
5 oz plain yoghurt
¼ or ½ cup oatmeal
3 tsp honey .
Combine all ingredients. Apply a thin layer to face. The honey will help the mask stay on the face long enough for the oatmeal to do its magic. For optimum results keep the mask on for at least 20 minutes
Cucumbers are wonderful for refreshing and hydrating the skin, and is often used in beauty products, particularly cleansers. Great around your eyes, for reducing puffiness, and revitalising tired skin.

Cucumber and Yoghurt Refreshing Mask
3 tablespoons of Yoghurt
1/2 Cucumber
Blend together and smother all over face and neck, lie back and put your feet up. For optimum results keep the mask on for 20 minutes