Noire Essence Hair Care System

Noire Essence Founders

Noire Essence: Make Dry, brittle hair a thing of the past!

Are you tired of dull, brittle, lifeless hair and long for nourished and healthy tresses? Well there’s a brand new hair care range on the block designed to address the common hair concerns of black women. Noire Essence is a stunning new range of four products free from harsh ingredients, which helps to infuse moisture into curls, smooth relaxed hair and simply improve the condition of every strand.

The hair-care system is most effective when implemented as a four-step process. Noire Essence Anti-Breakage Shampoo, contains rich moisture-retaining ingredients such as black oat, lecithin, passion fruit, acai, coconut oil and shea butter, and works by strengthening the hair while it’s being cleansed. Noire Essence Detangling Conditioner contains mango, aloe vera, slippery elm, and an exclusive formula – kapilarine complex – which boosts hair growth. Once the hair is cleansed and conditioned, maintain a healthy mane by using Noire Essence Daily Lotion specifically designed for your moisture needs with its cocktail of intense natural moisturisers such as jojoba oil, hemp oil, and shea butter to condition and nourish. And last, but in no way least, is the Noire Essence Revitalising Elixir a luxurious blend of oils (coconut, jojoba, hemp, baobab, castor and essential oils) that reinvigorates the scalp and strengthens the hair.

Noire Essence is the brainchild of two sisters: Bisola and Olayinka, who, frustrated with the lack of adapted products for Afro hair on the market, decided to put their wealth of professional experience in pharmacy and marketing to good use by creating this dynamic new brand. Olayinka Fasanya, Pharmacist and co-founder said, “We have made it our mission to really understand the demands and requirements of our hair, and in turn black women across the globe. We know that Afro hair is amongst the most beautifully versatile in the world, whether worn naturally curly or relaxed. Noire Essence provides a complete hair care regimen so that all women can boast gorgeous, healthy locks.”

The products are free from any of the harsh ingredients which contribute to dry, weak and brittle hair. There are no sulphates, mineral oils, silicones or parabens in any of the products; instead they contain a series of exclusive formulas such as: Aquarich complex, which acts as a deep moisturiser for dry hair, wheat protein, which strengthens and protects the hair from within, whilst Kapilarine complex boosts hair growth. The exclusive formula combines natural ingredients to create a range of safe, gentle and effective products which will protect the hair from damage and improve its look dramatically.

Black women are underrepresented in the high street shops and beauty salons of the UK. Noire Essence provides a go-to solution for Afro hair, helping women across the country to achieve the hair they have always wished for; whether it is natural-looking curls, or a stylish straightened look.

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Noire Essence: Founded by black women for black women, Noire Essence is on a mission to give all black women higher standards in black hair care.