United Kurls Lounge Launch

United Kurls Lounge

The United Kurls Collective Present: Lounge & Learn

In December 2014 the founding members of Untied Kurls Collective (UKC) held their first pop up shop, this was financially beneficial for all members. Being free from high vendor fees allowed members to recoup far more profit, and in addition attendees commented on the more personal, intimate atmosphere of the shop.

As a result of hosting a successful pop shop the United Kurls Collective now present to you ‘The United Kurls Lounge’; a bi-monthly shopping experience that will highlight home grown UK small businesses. The Lounge will give attendees a chance to shop and converse with each other as well as brand owners in a relaxed atmosphere.

With this venture we seek to bring back the personal touch and offer UK naturals something a little different . Therefore during each event there will be at least 2 ‘ Learning Sessions’, where we seek to facilitate sessions that impart valuable knowledge to UK naturalistas.

It is our hope that these sessions will allow attendees to become more informed about their hair, the products they use in their hair and the work of small business owners. We truly believe that imparting such knowledge will allow attendees to make more informed shopping choices.

The Event ‘Lounge and Learn’ while you shop!

Come and hang out with the members of The United Kurls Collective and other exciting fashion, jewellery and skincare brands.

We have 2 exciting sessions designed to boost your knowledge of hair and the industry

Lounge and Learn Session 1: ‘Is it worth it?’
Why are handmade products more expensive?
Almocado & Sheabutter Cottage explain what goes into making natural products, how to read the labels & make the best choice for your hair.

Lounge and Learn Session 2: Building a hair care regime
Guest speaker & author Dr. Lola Akingbola of Lolascurls.com shares some simple steps to building a hair care regime

United Kurls was created as an innovative response to market and promote small UK hair care brands. The main premise of the collective is to cooperatively utilise the skills and talents of the female business owners to self
– promote through carefully designed marketing campaigns and United Kurls branded events.