You’re Beautiful, Woman!

Youre Beautiful Woman 2010

The woman who attends ‘You’re Beautiful, Woman!’ wants to be educated, motivated and inspired.

In August 2009 – a dream team of successful businesswomen held its 2nd annual “You’re Beautiful, Woman!” event, an exciting and formidable event honouring black beauty and black women.

The woman who attends ‘You’re Beautiful, Woman!’ wants to be educated, motivated and inspired. The age group of our demographic ranges from 14-55 (there is no strict limit to age). However from our attendance figures the majority of attendees were typically career women aged 28-40 with knowledge of what they want out of life and an interest in learning new things to compliment this. In terms of attending seminars at the event She is looking for issues that affect her life directly so relationship advice, health, hair-care, fashion tips and beauty. She has some disposable income but likes to shop around so appreciates a variety in the types of stalls that are at the event.

7th August 2010 – Highgate Newtown Community Centre, Highgate

Expected Attendance – 300 Delegates

Speakers – topics – relationships, parenting, skincare, hair care, success
Exclusive Documentary Screening – “What makes a Black Woman Beautiful?”
Panel Debate on black love
Market area – with at least 50 stalls
Hair Consultation room run by Adornment 365
Treatment room – Includes mini-makeovers, make up advice, mini massages, facials, pedicures, manicures
Reception Area – registration and networking.

YBW! 2010 will also showcase the exclusive premiere of the YBW Documentary “What makes the black woman beautiful”. For more information on booking a stall, advertising and sponsorship opportunities or general information please email

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