INTERVIEW: Rubidan By Sherry Tagoe

Rubidan Heatwave

Dress rehearsal

Rubidan works in collaboration with the musical movement HEATWAVE. He states that his music is fifty percent storytelling stemming from true life and experiences. The rest are from thoughts and feelings generated from everyday life. Rubidan is looking to venture out in the future with an independent label. Music and tracks can be heard at Rubidan and the Heatwave movement can be seen at various venues.

In a world where media can provide the blueprint for the next style or breakthrough it is often hard to find a focused individual. Come with me as I discuss the future of self-proclaimed movement ‘Raggipahop’ and fashion forward development with artist Rubidan.

Q- So happy holiday Rubidan, how is it going?

A- It has been an eventful holiday, very enjoyable, time to unwind.

Q-So first things first what is this thing you call raggipahop?

A-well it’s a musical style that combines reggae style, hip-hop and calypso as well as various musical genres.

Q- Hmmmm, Wow so that some Latin influence as well interesting, do you salsa or lambada, Rubidan?

A- (laughs) I leave that to the ladies

Q- Okay, okay what would you say are your musical influences?

A- Well I can say that I am definitely feeling Busta Rhymes, also Redman and Vybes Kartel.

Q-how does fashion influence the music world?

A- I think it has a strong influence in the music game. I believe that the music and fashion connection is an ongoing cycle. I also see today’s reggae artists being influenced by the world of hip-hop fashion.

Q- Okay I definitely agree with that. Is high street shopping for you?

A-First of all you will never see me in high street fashion at all. I am not a ‘clone’ I believe individuality represents who you are. I enjoy being a trendsetter and introducing new things on the scene.

Q- Thinking back what was music and fashion like for you in the eighties and the nineties? What were you into?

A- (Rubidan sits back in his chair closes his eyes and begins to reminisce) wow…well in the eighties I can remember I was into very hardcore fashion. I remember feeling very brave stepping out in bright flamboyant colours, still with a strong individual style. Musically that was Stone love days. My crew and me were very into the American fashion and being ahead of the norm. In the nineties I was into big aviator glasses and leather track suits. (Rubidan laughs) Musically I was into American hip-hop like Method man and Redman.

Q- I love aviators those are definitely making a come back in fashion. So what will be on the scene for 2007?

A-My style is going to be heavily customized it is a sure way to guarantee a certain level of individuality and style. I apply the same attitude to my music.

Rubidan leaves us with some words for thought:

‘Some artists took reggae music to another level, it was more than fly lyrics it was a positive message, and that’s all me.’

By Sherry Tagoe 2007

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