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iRiebot Patois voice-recognition

In celebration of 50 years of independence for Jamaica, comes the first of a kind Patois voice-recognition, translation app!

iRiebot, is the first comical and cartoon based translator developed for Apple’s iOS application. Users can spend hours listening back to famous Jamaican proverbs, cuss words and phrase via the apps comically animated robot. The app translates commonly spoken English words and phrases into Jamaican Patois/Creole language. The apps soulful reggae theme tune and variety of accompanying background music provides the additional ambience the programme requires to create a real relaxed Jamaican vibe.

The app runs on voice recognition data and plays back an accurate translation via iRiebot the main robot character. The character was loosely based on and inspired b the belligerent and infamous Futurama cartoon character Bender and seeks to offer its users endless hours of humor whilst engaging them in an educational insight into the exhaustive Jamaican dialect.

Jamaican Patois has always been a fashionable commodity of the Caribbean island however, when spoken it often leaves many wondering what some of the words and expressions mean. Whilst it remains an un-official language, Patois has managed to retain its popularity within Western culture whilst influencing and commonly being used by non-patios speaking natives in text, dialogue, TV (Rasta mouse), music and every-day-life.

The Unique Selling Point of iRiebot has to be the ‘Share’ button. Users of the app are able to send email messages to friends and family with the unique voice of the character(s). This light-hearted, family-friendly translation app is sure to be a big hit with anyone and everyone no matter their age, nationality or cultural background.

The app has an age censorship restriction implemented for explicit content therefore, users aged 18 and over can un-lock the additional explicit features. The app is the brainchild of 21 year-old accountancy student, Anthony Joseph who teamed up with London based entertainment media company 4UR-ENT (For Your Entertainment), to develop the app.

Anthony who funded the app with money earned from his part-time job at Iceland claims:

“Following the recent success of the male Jamaican sprinters in the historical 200m track event (1,2,3), came the un-forgettable words of 22 year old Bronze medalist Warren Weir, at his first ever Olympic games: ‘No Hinglish, straight Patois’. It appeared as though this sentence completely went over the head of the BBC’s English track reporter Phil Jones. Making no apologies for his Caribbean dialect, in an interview which aired live in front of millions of international sport enthusiasts, solidly displays how and why this voice translation app would be such a fun and useful download to have!”

*Release date: ‘Di happ soon come’ (adj. The app will be coming / or will arrive soon. However, it does not mean necessarily that it will actually come promptly!)

Please visit the website to view more details and help us count down to the official launch!

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