J.R. Perry III on a Mission

US Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Activist, Talk Show Host J.R. Perry III, is on a mission to help find a cure for sickle cell anemia

J.R. Perry III is on a mission to help find a cure for sickle cell anemia. J.R. has a major motivation for his mission for a cure. J.R. has a 7 year old son who was born with this disease and he has educated himself with years of research, networking with the medical community and also he has personally witnessed the multiple symptoms that this disease produces in his son by the many hospital visits. J.R. has a goal to raise awareness in the United States and in Canada for those that suffer with this disease by being involved in fundraisers for hospitals, support groups, sickle cell centers and blood banks in the fall of 2007.

J.R. Perry will launch the sickle cell anemia music tour in Detroit Michigan entitled “Cure Every Cell” with local and national music acts. J.R. Perry feels that sickle cell anemia disease deserves the same amount of attention and effort put into research and finding a cure just as much as the many other diseases receive. J.R. Perry’s cure every cell tour is seeking sponsors, donations and the support of many people to help make a difference in the lives of people who suffer with sickle cell anemia.

J.R. has also released a very powerful song entitled “Put The Guns Down” to promote peace in the inner cities from gun violence. Each year, more people are dying from gun violence. Portions of the proceeds for the record sales will go to an organization for victims of violent crimes.

J.R. Perry’s motto’s are “Let’s Cure Every Cell For Sickle Cell Anemia” and “Just Put The Guns Down For The Life Of Human Beings” and “Let’s Preserve The Quality of Life”.

If you would like to contact J.R. Perry you can visit his website at www.jrperry.voice123.com or email him at jrperry3@aol.com or jrperry3@yahoo.com or cureeverycell@yahoo.com