Jamaican Regiment Teaches Palace Guards New Procession

To mark 45 years of Jamaican Independence, the Jamaican Defence Force will guard the royal residence of Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace for one month commencing today July 19, 2007.

FFBJ sees this as a positive step for all Jamaicans across the world that will stand proud in support of the continuous partnership between the UK and Jamaica. We have come a long way since Jamaica gained independence on August 6, 1962, and who would have predicted this day in history?

Out of 14 other countries which the Queen is head of state, Jamaica has been called upon yet again having been back 3-times since 1968, as the only Caribbean country to stand guard for the Monarch. They will guard the palace on alternate days, and also Windsor Castle towards the end of July.

This year the 140-strong regiment (according to the Daily telegraph) has undergone intense training to equal the British Martials, there will be many onlookers at today’s procession.

On August 1 Emancipation Day, the Jamaican traditional military band who came to the UK with the Jamaican regiment, will bring sounds of the Caribbean to collaborate with the British at the Emancipation Day event that will be held at St James’ Park near Buckingham Palace, and of course with a touch of Reggae by the band outside the Palace as part of Exercise Calypso Hop.

This milestone is significant, as it shows the resolve of the Jamaican people in our quest for a change and development as a nation. We should be proud this month, and acknowledge that our nation Jamaica within the Caribbean will continue to be a model nation for all in the UK and internationally for years to come creating a better Jamaica.

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