It’s just another day at school for West London teenagers Trife (AML AMEEN) Jay (ADAM DEACON) and Moony (FEMI OYENIRAN): beatings in the classroom, sex on the playing field and drugs in the schoolyard. But things are about to flip sharply for this tight trio and their crowd. With school cancelled following the tragic suicide of bullied pupil Katie, the teenagers are all forced to face their own responsibilities and blame.
15-year-old Trife is facing a crossroads in his life. His uncle is tempting him with fast money, easy women and the gangster lifestyle; while his girlfriend Alisa (RED MADRELL) offers an escape to perhaps a better life. Trife must make a choice. But with word spreading that Alisa has slept with someone else, will he make the right one? Along with Jay and Moony, he also has the school bully Sam (NOEL CLARKE) to contend with. Sam is out for revenge after Jay steals his girlfriend Claire (Madeline Fairley) who he has been physically abusing and the threesome humiliate and beat him in his own house.
Trife’s girlfriend Alisa is also having a bad day. She’s just learnt that she’s pregnant. But her best friend Becky (JAMIE WINSTONE) is only interested in dragging her out on a drug and shopping binge. With the brother of dead Katie set on revenge and everyone heading to the same party, the scene is set for a decisive collision. It’s step up or back down time…
A harrowing, shocking story that finds humour in its narrative and set to a blistering UK Hip Hop and Grime soundtrack, KIDULTHOOD is a new kind of British film.
Based on real kids. Real stories. This is real life.

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“An outstanding debut and brutally compelling ride. You won’t forget it” – FHM

“KiDULTHOOD incredibly captures a shocking snapshot of an ugly UK urban underbelly; this film will easily join the cult iconic ranks of Quadrophenia, City of God, Lock Stock, even Pulp Fiction; it really is that good.” – James Hyman, XFM

“An Amazing film…an instant classic” – Vice Magazine

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