Look Back! by Trish Cooke

Look Back Trish Cooke

LOOK BACK! Story by Trish Cooke Illustrations by Caroline Binch.

An award-winning writer and illustrator come together to create a magical children’s picture book

Look Back! celebrates the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson as she tells him about her Caribbean childhood adventures in the rainforest in search of a mysterious creature called Ti Bolom. Is Grannie’s Ti Bolom real or just one of her stories? This is a beguiling tale that weaves the traditional experience with a modern curiosity.

Trish Cooke is a well-known children’s author, best known for the awardwinning So Much! Other books include Full, Full, Full of Love and Hey Crazy Riddle. Born in the UK of Dominican heritage, she is also a pantomime writer, TV presenter and story teller.

Caroline Binch is the much-acclaimed illustrator of Amazing Grace, which has sold more than one million copies. She is also the author and illustrator of picture books such as Gregory Cool, Hue Boy and Silver Shoes.

Publication date: May 31 2013
Paperback/210x 264mm ISBN: 9780957118720 Extent: 32pp GBP £6.99

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