Morgan Heritage Live @ IndigO2

Morgan Heritage Live @ IndigO2 (London)

Monday 6th August 1962 is the day Jamaica gained its independence from many years of being ruled and governed by the British. 50 years on – to the very day, a sunny afternoon in London, I met with the internationally acclaimed Reggae Band Morgan Heritage.

Una (the eldest in the family) and Roy ‘Gramps’ Morgan met with me for the interview in their hotel in Croydon, after a fantastic sellout show as part of the ‘Respect Jamaica 50 festival’ at the O2 Arena on Sunday night. Amongst the excitement of the Olympics and Usain Bolt winning gold I have been blessed with the pleasure of seeing them in concert and meeting with them on such a special day for Jamaicans and people of that heritage.

‘The Royal Family of Reggae’, otherwise known as five of the sons and daughter of Denroy Morgan, moved to Jamaica from the states following their first album ‘Miracles’ in 1994. The group toured and released several albums in the subsequent years under the supervision of producers Bobby Dixon and Lloyd James.

Morgan Heritage remain one of the most influential Reggae bands around!

Last night was the ‘The Return’ of Morgan Heritage quoted Roy ‘Gramps’ Morgan (named ‘Gramps’ by his grandmother) under the direction of their father and also their manager. They split (not due to any fall out) to follow their solo careers where they recorded EP’s as solo artists and are now back together again promoting a new EP for the first time in 5 years also called ‘The Return’.

The concert went off to a flying start at 9pm with the Royale family gracing the stage with their strong presence. They were instantly in full effect doing a two hour set performing hits such as ‘Don’t Haffi Dread’ and ‘Tell Me How Come’ and got the crowd rocking and singing along to the old favourites. The crowd in the 02 were serenaded with the gifted voices of the band and Mr Mojo giving a bit of hip hop rap flavour to the reggae which I must say fitted like a hand to a glove and blended really well.

Throughout the concert the family gave each other space to show off their individual skills to the crowd who gave an overwhelming response throughout. The highlight of their performance came towards the end of their set when Gramps’ son sang alongside his father bringing the extended Morgan family to another level.

“Its always a great pleasure to come to the UK and perform as we always get a great vibe. We know there is massive reggae following here, and for a very long time” said Gramps

Una who was missing from the last UK tour said “its great to be back performing with my brothers and to be part of Jamaica 50 festival”

Watch out for their new EP ‘The Return’ due to be released soon.

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by Neil Reidman – team itzcaribbean