Mr and Mrs Show

It’s the Anita and Johann Show!

A husband and wife team from Willesden who cemented their relationship while they were students at the College of North West London are hosting their own online radio programme called the Mr and Mrs Show.

The Saturday morning show on Rocsolid FM was launched jointly in May by Anita and Johann Whittaker, who got married in Barbados in April – with baby Alexander, now seven months, and Anita’s two sons aged 15 and six as guests of honour.

The three hours of music from 10am-1pm feature a mixture of genres, primarily R&B and soul, chosen mainly by Johann, who is an experienced club DJ in Reading where he grew up. The couple, of Conley Road, met through their mutual love of music and of DJing.

Anita – formerly Cornibert – was well-known in Brent because she used to have a regular DJ slot with local Harlesden-based station Beat FM, specialising in R&B music on drivetime and breakfast shows, plus a ladies night talk show.

She enrolled at the College of North West London three years ago to develop her media experience, and found that her one-year Access to Communications course won her a place at the University of Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey, where she is currently taking a degree in broadcast, print and online journalism.

She also became a star member of the Students’ Union Executive Committee. As entertainments secretary, she organised a spring concert, a talent show and the College’s first ever Student Prom – all of them huge successes.

A year later with Anita’s encouragement, Johann decided to enrol at the same college to study electrical installation for two years and plastering for one year – and was promptly elected President of the Students’ Union. He is returning to CNWL in September to take his Level 3 electrician’s course, and will stay on the Committee.

The joint music show came about because Anita has contacts in the music radio business. She was approached by a friend to host a new show on Rocsolid – the urban music and information online station which also offers listeners live music.

Explained Anita: “I said I would only do the show on condition that my husband was involved too. He is such a good club DJ and I thought it would be good for his career to do radio and be heard more. We put a sample show on CD for our wedding and it went down really well.

“Johann can do mixing, scratching and games with music that I can’t do. He is better at putting the music together than I am. My stuff was more basic – I just pressed ‘on’ and ‘off’ buttons. We never disagree because he has impeccable choices.”

Anita’s main forte is talking, which is useful because between music the couple chat about popular issues – childcare, relationships, education and encouraging young listeners to study.

She added: “I’ve always been mouthy and Johann is quieter, but now that he is more used to talking, he is getting quite cheeky. People contact us live by texting us through MSN, Facebook and My Space. We’ve had people from Australia, America and even two from Barbados – the word is spreading!”

The show is a useful addition to her university course, but it hasn’t stopped her love affair with the College of North West London. On top of her full-time BA course, Anita initially returned to CNWL to take part-time courses in photography and interior design, while still managing her role as a homemaker and mother, and is now considering coming back to do a one-term course in bookkeeping.

Johann, 31, who has an eight-year-old daughter by a previous relationship, said the reason they chose to hold their big family wedding on the Caribbean island of Barbados was because both have Barbadian mothers. Johann’s Dad is British, while Anita’s father is from St Lucia.

Johann returned to the College with Anita and the children in July to attend the Annual Student Awards ceremony, which has been moved forward from November. He was among the top student award winners, collecting the Student’s’ Union prize for good service.

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