Congo Natty at Passing Clouds

Congo Natty

Congo Natty Supports Passing Clouds and London’s Grass-Roots Music Venues

Passing Clouds is delighted to announce “Congo Natty Family Showcase” on Friday 22nd July.

In celebration of our Ten Year Anniversary, we welcome the Congo Natty family for an epic 3-hour performance in tribute to the late & great Tenor Fly.

Congo Natty aka Rebel MC has a career dating back to his early hit with Double Trouble, “Street Tuff,” but is probably most respected as one of the pioneers of Jungle – perhaps the first uniquely UK-born bass music.

Passing Clouds Forever Campaign


Passing Clouds Dalston’s famous music, arts and cultural venue is under threat from property developers.

Passing Clouds was secretly sold to Landhold Developments last November. The Passing Clouds community enacted a lawful eviction of County Enforcement Group, the private security firm posing as bailiffs who unlawfully broke into and occupied Passing Clouds.

Please support our campaign by signing our petition or donating via our just giving page.

London has lost 40% of its music venues in the last 10 years from The Marquee and the Astoria, to Madame JoJos and the world famous 12 Bar Denmark street.