Dub Poetry

Dub Poetry and poets have been expressing thier views to dub music, to audiences around the world for years. There are many acclaimed performers and there is a lot of thought provoking, positive material out there.

Dub music is a popular instrumental style of reggae, the ‘original remix’. Taking existing recordings, keeping the foundation of the track, drum and bass, then adding the artistic flavour of the dub master, sound effects full of echoing and reverb.

Dub poetry is a form of reggae music with spoken words over reggae music, predominantly of a political and social nature. Dub poetry originated in the 1970s’, along with the rise of Dub music.

Linton Kwesi Johnson’s album ‘Dread, Beat an’ Blood’ was a landmark, and Lee Scratch Perry has been hugely successful taking Dub poetry to new heights.

Dub Poetry reached its peak in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, however there are a number of poets writing and performing today, the most well known being Benjamin Zephaniah. Events are held regularly around London, keeping the art alive.