Fanny Wang Headphones

Fanny Wang Headphones

Hear music the way it was intended with Fanny Wang 2000 DJ series headphones

Leading international headphone company Fanny Wang brings you its 2000 DJ series headphones that are designed for DJs and music lovers alike. The headphones have an over-ear design and boast an optional 6dB bass boost, as well as a 5 Watt solid state headphone amp, for a clean and unrivalled sound.

The ear-cups on the 2000 DJ series are comfortable for wearing for long periods of time, and also provide efficient sound isolation to minimise background noise and ensure that your music is not too loud for those around you.

The 2000 DJ series headphones come with a hard shell carry-case for travel, as well as the unique duo-jack technology from Fanny Wang. This technology allows a user to share music with a friend by plugging in another set of headphones into a jack on the cable, which results in no loss of sound quality whatsoever.

“The new Fanny Wang headphones offer music and fashion lovers in the UK the chance to make a statement and be different from the masses” says Brendan Dore, European Channel Development Manager, Fanny Wang.

“Customers say they’ve never heard sound quality like it. The bass boost is big but never distorted, and the overall sound is balanced and impressive. Couple this with the cutting-edge design of the Fanny Wangs, and there’s nothing more you’d want from a pair of headphones.”

The 2000 series headphones from Fanny Wang are available in red, pink and black. The new Fanny Wang range is available in the UK from Amazon, Argos and Debenhams Plus. RRP: £199.95 incl. VAT

Fanny Wang provides the most complete and customisable line of headphones in the marketplace. The company has gained both International and U.S. attention, receiving rave reviews and noted as one of the best gifts for music-lovers. Based in Silicon Valley, the Fanny Wang team is comprised of executives with extensive experience in the design, fashion, branding and technology arenas.

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