Hottest UK Soca Duo Presents DOH LECTURE ME

lLutenants Doh Lecture Me

No-One Likes Being Told What To Do.

From The Very Top In Government, To Elder Siblings, At Times It Feels Like We Are Being Dictated To. Doh Lecture Me Is The Answer To Those Control Freaks.

We Like To Go Out And Enjoy Our Lives To The Fullest.

Everyone Has Their Ups And Downs But Listening And Dancing To The Music We Know And Love, Going To Fetes And Carnivals Or Simply Just Celebrating Our Beautiful Culture, Is The Only Getaway We Have From The Responsibilities That Life May Bring, If Only For A Few Hours.

With Simple But Effective Lyrics, A Quick Tempo And Harmonious Tones; The Fourth Release By The Hottest UK Soca Duo Is A Slap In The Face To Those Who Like To Be In Control.

The Mandolin Riddim Proves To Be The Perfect Tool In Which To Concisely Execute The New Three-Word Motto, Doh Lecture Me.