King Socrates Repping at Notting Hill Carnival!!!

King Socrates at Notting Hill Carnival

For the second week running we find King Socrates of St. Kitts/Nevis, being featured as the main attraction at ‘The Tabernacle’, Powis Square, London, by special invitation of The Association of British Calypsonians.

This was great and welcoming news when first the story broke about the reaction to his debut appearance on Friday, August 9th, and although the response has been very supportive and complementary, the enormity of just what this portends for the Kittitian/Nevisian Diaspora, has not yet hit home.

With massive turn out expected on this coming Thursday and Friday nights for the Calypso Finals and Groovy Soca Finals respectively, King Socrates is still slated as the main attraction with the ideal opportunity to market the Federation’s Tourism product to his audience.

On Saturday and Carnival Monday, Socrates is to perform live in front of hundreds of thousands in Powis Square, where there will be throngs of reporters and journalists from around the world.

Attempts are being made to get him a St. Kitts /Nevis Flag to display or even wave while doing his thing on stage. We know that flags from T&T, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, Antigua and all the other Islands will be waving from the stage and in the crowd. This year King Socrates will be our flag bearer at the Notting Hill Festivities.

But is this all we are to expect from our King abroad, should the good folks at our St. Kitts/Nevis High Commission in London jump on board this band wagon and take advantage of his presence there to market our tourism product, after all Socrates has for the past twenty four years earned his living as an entertainer and a tour guide in the tourism industry at home.

Apart from the waving of our national flag, where are the fliers to distribute to the thousands in the crowd. If only 10% of this massive gathering visits our Federation as a result of the positive exposure this can bring, this can be the start of a major annual marketing platform that we don’t have to dish out millions for.

So will the SKN massive show up in their numbers and colours, flags in hand to represent their Country like the Trinnies, Bajans and Yardies do, or will ‘The King’ be left to rep alone?