Perfect Timing – Lutenants [LT] & Triniboi Joocie

Lutenants Perfect Timing

Lutenants [LT] & Triniboi Joocie Presents PERFECT TIMING

There is almost nothing that compares to the feeling of ‘Getting On’ during the carnival season.

The Combination of colours, food, music and Vibrant faces; equals the Perfect Moment to Celebrate and be rid of all stressful cares in the world.

Not Even authentic Soca/Carnival Lovers, can explain that Momentous feeling of grasping their favorite beverage, whilst Revelling the streets with friends and family.

‘Perfect Timing’ is a reflection into the euphoria of this world where every single aspect is anticipated, Appreciated and indulged.

Triniboi Joocie lends his Kinetic and vibrant energy to ‘Perfect Timing’ which concisely solidifies this concept.

His lyrical display is an illustration, of just one of the reasons why we have come to enjoy & await, these Perfect Times.

Perfect Timing
Produced By – Roma Soca Productions
Mastered By – Adiktive UK