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Following the huge success of SoundBwoy Ent’s first single “Never wanna say” Feat charismatic MC Doctor on Smoove Records, Soundbwoy alongside talented vocalist Shay remixed the biggest house song of the year, with re-written verses and Soundbwoy’s signature claps, he has given a new spin of what is going to be a club classic.

The song is already on rotation on Choice FM, 1xtra and Galaxy FM to name a few and is already a favourite with club DJ’s,

“Everyone loves the original, but when they hear this version people go nuts. It’s just that little bit more up tempo and catchy, big tune”. – DJ Twin B, 1Xtra

SoundBwoy Entertainment have had an amazing year, where they have been nominated for best newcomer at the MOBO’s and won a UMA (Underground Music Award) respectively. This coupled with there top 20 hit single has been an amazing journey for Soundbwoy who plan to finish work on a compilation CD.

with Soundbwoy Ent producer Gerad Logan AKA ‘Soundbwoy

For those not in the know, tell us more about the Soundbwoy crew.

Soundbwoy Ent is my production company I started in 2003, were I simply wanted to gather good home-grown talent, make good music with them and put it out for the public to hear.

2006 has been a great year for you what has been your most memorable moment?

Performing across the country and everybody knowing and loving your song, being nominated for a MOBO, winning a UMA, charting in the top UK 20. But just as much as there’s been the good there’s been the bad. Ha Ha trust me.

For you, what are the essential elements of a great track?

A good vocalist, a catchy melody and music that compliments.

Which artists have had the greatest influence on you?

Artful dodger, wookie, Wiley, Rodney Jerkins, Mario Winans and Quincy Jones to name a few.

Who would you most like to work with and why?

Craig David!! I just think he’s a Legend. He’s a really good singer especially live, UK born and breed, he came up from the UKG era, smashed it over here, then flew over to America and did the same and is still respected to this day. What more can I say.

The UK urban music scene has always been heavily influenced by the US, do you think that it is changing?

I think there are some influences we take from the US, but I don’t think we’re heavily influenced by them, as we have many of our own genres of music i.e. Garage, House, Grime, Jungle, Dub step etc.

What advice do you have for talented but unsigned artists here in the UK?

Make sure you think long and hard before you decide you want to be involved in this business, as its not as glossy as it may seem. 1st of all LOVE what you do because that’s what will help you persevere through the battles of success, have faith in what you and don’t try and be a people pleaser otherwise you’ll get pulled all over the place.

What does the future hold for Soundbwoy entertainment.

More good music, more good music and more good music.

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