Steelpan Talent Dariem Charles

Dariem Charles
Young Talent Dariem Charles has just been awarded by the National Action Cultural Committee, NACC for his performance of ”Dem Blimpin Ting” which won him the Junior Calypso Monarch title 2006. The song is considered one of the top 20 songs by NACC for the year.

Born in on Sept 25th 1990, Sangre Grande, East Trinidad, he started singing and playing the pan to accompany himself at the age of 7 and made his first public appearance at age 9 at the Toco Season where he amazed everyone with his unique skill.

Since then, he’s been in high demand performing at conferences, weddings, parties, dinners etc for both Government and the private sector. There after he has grown from strength to strength performing at major shows alongside many top artiste including Sparrow, Rose, Rupee and several other Caribbean artistes.

Now at the age of 17 he now has four recordings to his credit over the last 3 years and is completing his first video for release in March 2007.

He won the Junior Calypso Monarch in February which allowed him to tour making this his busiest year so far.

Thanks to all Britons and all the other world citizens who witnessed the dynamic Vocalist/Panist and Junior Calypso Monarch 0f T & T performance at the Powis Square stage during Notting Hill Carnival 2006. If you didn’t know before, he’s the only known person on this side of the world who plays the pan to accompany himself while singing various songs from his wide ranging repertoire.

Look out for his first video in 2007, 2 new releases and other interesting developments on Dariem’s musical Conquest.

After a number of successful performances in London and Barbados in August and September the sky is the limit for 2007 and beyond.

Carlston Kerr
For Bookings email Carlston Kerr or call : (1868) 355-9667,769-5619.

As his composer for the last five years, I am also interested in other unique artistes to write for.

Look out for Vocalist/Panist Dariem Charles Performing at Christmas Parties, weddings etc. For this Rising Star if 2006 achievements was near to Stardom, 2007 would be closer to SuperStardom.