Sting Jamaica 2013

Sting Jamaica

Sting the longest running one night Reggae show will be turning 30 this year, and a part of the commemorative celebrations include; making STING available in every household worldwide. In 1983 Isaiah Laing thought to bring Reggae, the song of Jamaicans under the roof of the National Arena at a time when many Jamaicans were separated base on their political affiliations.

STING was an instant hit, crowds flocked to the first show and brought Jamaicans together! This year as a part of the celebration STING will be opening its stage to the world, showcasing, Reggae and Dancehall’s most famous artistes and a few international acts.

Wycliffe Jean and Hip Hop artiste’s 2Chaniz will be joining the line up and celebrating STING 30 at Jam World Entertainment complex December 26, 2013.

Bring the Sting Official