The Storm Just Never Stops….

The Storm Just Never Stops….

In any genre and in any style, there is the good the bad and the ugly. Although music remains categorized as a universal language, some artists speak fluently and some speak gibberish. The ‘Chutney Rum Song’ has emerged over the last decade as the top theme for those working in the Indo-Trini artform, though some moralist might complain. Even within this topic there are great treatments, and quite a few that make you go: WHAT? S.W. Storm falls squarely in the first category having created (stumbled upon?) two odes to alcohol that are faultless in lyrics, melody and arrangement also possessing that elusive ‘Wow’ factor that can only come when the masses give you their stamp of approval while raising a glass to toast your success.

With four musical contributions for C2K11; By D Bar , Mrs. Walker , Rollin’ & Yuh Mudder Can, Storm is quite confident about the season ahead. By D Bar and Mrs. Walker, are both Chutney Soca contributions produced by Big Rich de Pungalunks and Rishi Mahatoo respectively. Riding a wave (or maybe a Storm?) of popularity, these stingers are flying up the charts even though Storm has had to be plane hopping in and out to get his recordings done and to handle his enterprises. When asked about his expectations of the songs Storm said, “I believe they are good songs, they are receiving tremendous love in both circuits and that is all I can ask for.”

As the Carnival season 2011 gets into full swing, one can only imagine the frenzy and excitement that Storm’s other two more up tempo selections will create once he begins to honour his many live bookings. His two soca releases; ‘Rollin’ and ‘Yuh Mudder Can’ are well within the most refreshing trend this year of songs with sweet melodies, and undeniable jam. From the fetes to the road and to the brand new stage, this music touches the mind, the ear as well as the waist. (Yuh Mudder Can also touches the funny bone but you will have to go on youtube and hear that one for yourself!)

Although both releases have been receiving favourable airplay and are only expected to grow as the build up to C2K11 continues, there is controversy surrounding Yuh Mudda Can. Off course, Carnival is nothing without a little controversy and Storm is not exempted; Yuh Mudda Can has been under severe scrutiny by some radio stations here in Trinidad and Tobago with some banning the song but that is not stopping him. Maybe the double entendre is just not for the conservatives!

With S.W Storm Trinidad and Tobago has lost a resident and gained an ambassador, to the international realm. Flying the Red Black and White from the UK to T.O. and everywhere in between for many years, Storm has turned his love for T&T culture into a lifelong quest to spread Soca music Worldwide. Not a bad Post card either as he possesses the physique and the looks that seem more Hollywood but Storm remains humble and devoted to the cause of Calypso, Soca and Chutney, the last one being the form high on his favourite list. Believe me, he is also a big favourite with the Chutney fans!

Stay tuned and listen out for the remixed version of Mrs. Walker (No Chaser Remix) which was released on 01-02-11. Also Storm is bringing the visual effect back again; By D Bar is coming to television stations and websites soon.

Want to know more about Storm? Maybe even listen to his releases? Then feel free also to check out Storm’s official website.