UK Cup Clash 2007

2007 the 6th UK Cup Clash was held in April at the Stratford Rex in London. Current Cup holders Bass Odyssey, will competing to keep their title.

Date: Saturday 14 April 2007

Round 1 – Non Elimination
Round 2 – King Addies (USA) & Sound Trooper (JA) eliminated
Round 3 – Luv Injection (UK) eliminated
Round 4 – Immortal Sound (UK) Eliminated
Round 5 – Black Kat (JA) eliminated
Final Round – Mighty Crown lose 6-0
Winners Bass Odessy

Overall the event was well attended with a good atmosphere. It was definitely entertaining and the host (Tony Matterhorn) worked very hard to ensure a fair outcome with no controversy – the crowd definitely played their part too….

Mighty Crown were the crowds favourite going into the final round (Dub for Dub) but unfortunately flopped themselves bigtime as their dubs couldn’t seem to connect with the crowd. They ended up losing 6-0 in a best out of 10 showdown to the eventual winners Bass Odessy.

The eagerly awaited return of King Addies to the clash scene with original selcetor Baby Face (who now wants to be known as Lion Face) was a serious anticlimax. They ended up getting eliminated along with Sound Trooper in the first competitive round.

Bass Odessy played consistent throughout and selectors Mark and Worm seemed to have a plan for Mighty Crown in the final round. It payed off as they won that round convincingly. Overall they were worthy winners and had definately learnt from their previous clash with Mighty Crown (Death Before Dishonour) two weeks earlier.

Immortal performed best out of the two UK sounds (the other being Luv Injection) and showed a lot of promise. They had a strong vocal round and were unlucky to be voted off in that round ahead of Black Kat from Jamaica.

Refreshing to see much more females representing at the clash. Tony Mattorhorn (host) stated that this must be due to his presence…

by Kemist