Neoslip at a pharmacy near YOU!

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Neo-slip arriving at a pharmacy near YOU!

After months of blood, sweat and tears we’ve finally got Neo-Slip on NHS prescription. This means that from January 2016 you will be able to ask your GP, hospital doctor or nurse to prescribe you our Award-Winning Neo-Slip stocking applicator.

After years in the making, travelling to places like Taiwan, Australia etc., meeting the Prime Minister and appearing on BBC’s Dragon’s Den the hard work has paid off.

I’ve no need to remind you the seriousness of wearing compression stockings post surgery. Here are just a couple of comments from some community nurses about their importance.

“Compression stockings are very difficult to apply, particularly if you have mobility problems or conditions such as arthritis, but it’s important that patients wear them post-operatively to prevent the complications that come from immobility during recovery.” Louise Smith, District Nurse, 5 years in practice.

“Stockings are crucial in preventing deep vein thrombosis after an operation. As many as 1 in 140 middle aged women who have undergone surgery will need to return to hospital with a DVT related problem within the first three months of recovery.” Polly, A&E Nurse, 3 years practicing.

So spread the word to your friends and family who may have undergone a recent operation so that they can now get their Neo-Slip directly from their local chemist.

Neo-slip Streamlines the foot to make Anti embolism stocking application as easy as pulling up your sock.

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