New JN Money Transfer branch in Moss Side, Manchester

JN Money Transfer Opens in Manchester offers the brand’s full services including money transfers, bill payment and mobile phone

JN Money Transfer, the brand under which JN Money Services Limited (JNMS) trades in the global market, continues its expansion drive with the opening of a new branch of its remittance service in Manchester.

Operations officially commenced on October 1, 2011 at the location, which was previously operated by one of its Agents, Lowe Associates. The new branch, located in Moss Side, will offer the brand’s full range of services including money transfers, bill payment and mobile phone top-up. Customers will also be able to cash cheques at the facility. JN Money Transfer already offers full-services throughout the UK at its seven branches in London as well as branches in Birmingham and Bristol. A travel service, offered through its other UK-based locations, is also to come on stream at a later date.

“This new facility is part of our drive to increase our services to the Caribbean Diaspora in the United Kingdom; as well as, members of the Ghanaian Diaspora, to whom we cater through our recently branded Ghana Money Transfer remittance service,” said Leesa Kow, General Manager of JNMS. She underscored that the Moss Side branch will serve diverse communities in Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, thereby consolidating the economic links between families living in the UK and their relatives at home in the Caribbean and Africa. Reviewing the company’s rationale for establishing a full-service branch in Moss Side, Ms. Kow declared that the location was ideal because of its proximity to Caribbean and Ghanaian communities, which are concentrated in that part of Manchester.

“Our business has performed very well; however, there is much more room for growth, given the size of the migrant communities and the growing need for services,” Ms. Kow explained. As part of the added services offered by the new branch, she said the facility now opens six days per week, Mondays to Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

“This new establishment will make a significant addition to the convenience of the JN Money Transfer service we offer,” Ms Kow maintains, “Customers will have a fully operational branch that provides all of our products; therefore, reducing the need to travel to London to complete some transactions.” In addition, the facility also provides a context in which customers can be introduced to other beneficial JN Group products and services. “Jamaicans abroad, particularly Jamaicans in the UK, maintain close connections with their homeland; and many continue to do business with Jamaican entities; therefore, our aim is to examine ways in which we can expand our operations, in an effort to accommodate their continued interests in Jamaica,” she said.

JN Money Transfer maintains a strong network of branches and Agents in several countries. In addition to the UK, these branches and Agents are located in the United States of America, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Ghana and Jamaica.

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