Notting Hill Panorama 2005

This year marked the 28th Anniversary of the Notting Hill Panorama, ‘Champions of Steel’ competition. The event was held on Saturday 27th August 2005 at Horniman’s Pleasance, Kensal Road.

This is one of the annual highlights of the UK Steel Pan music scene. Hours of practice and skilled arrangers make Panorama what it is today. Eight steel pan orchestras and around 400 pan musicians performed on the night. The crowds were tight at the judging point, but everyone performed to high standards and the audience was well behaved.

At around midnight after the performances the atmosphere was thick with anticipation as the crowd and bands waited for the winners to be announced. Ebony Steel Band were named Panorama ‘Champions of Steel’ 2005, playing Oba’s, ‘Action’ (which is the 14th win for them). They beat off the competition, with Stardust Steel orchestra, coming in second, and Mangrove, last years winner, came in 7th. Both Stardust Steel Orchestra and Mangrove choosing to play De Fosto’s, ‘From Beyond’.

With the success, and high standards of the performances and arrangements this year, 2006 looks set to be even better.

1st Place: Ebony Steelband

2nd Place: Stardust Steel Orchestra

3rd Place: Southside Harmonics

4th Place: Glissando Steel Orchestra

5th Place: Metronomes Steel Orchestra

6th Place: Real Steel

7th Place: Mangrove Steel Band

8th Place: Croydon Steel Orchestra