Play Wit It Condoms from Orlando Octave

Trinidad and Tobago is about to go global in a way that no one could have possibly foreseen.

On April 15 T&T’s young singing sensation, Orlando Octave will officially launch his very own line of condoms, which will be distributed throughout the Caribbean, Canada and across North America. The idea to encourage sexual protection particularly in the Caribbean by partnering with one of the Diaspora’s leading male vocalists who represents the youth, is one that the management team of U.S. and Canada based entertainment group Millionaire Enterprises Inc./ Millionaires Records and Cvr Entertainment Affairs Inc. believes is truly necessary and ingenious.

Octave who has been building his musical catalogue with a level of consistency over the past few years, will utilize his celebrity in a positive way by reaching out to the youth of T&T, the Caribbean and internationally when he launches the ‘Play Wit It’ line of condoms- a name decided upon based on a track of the same name, released a few years ago by the young entertainer. As the face of the brand, Millionaire Enterprises Inc. and its subsidiaries strongly believe that Orlando’s endorsement can inspire young adults to protect themselves during sexual encounters by using condoms each time.

The group is working feverishly to ensure of the brand’s overall success, something the company’s CEO, Richard Hope says will essentially propel the young artiste to another level in his musical career. One month after the ‘Play Wit It’ condom line is launched on April 15, Octave will release a brand new single and video to regional and international television networks- among them, BET and MTV. The May 15 release of the new single, ‘Disconnected’ is expected to tie in seamlessly with the summer anthems and video productions that are likely to hit the mainstream market between May and July. Describing the track as an all round type of hit, Hope, who is well known for his involvement in the promotion of Caribbean artistes and entertainment on an international level, said the song incorporates the softness of R&B, the sexuality of Soca and an unmistakable dancehall vibe that immediately encourages bodily movement. The track will be distributed by Millionaires Records and is being touted as a massive breakthrough for the budding Caribbean superstar.

‘Play Wit It’ condoms will be made available in three distinguishable colors- those being red, black and ‘bling’ white, something the marketing team believes will set the line apart from any other on the market. An official media and special guest party will take place in April and Octave’s hit ‘Play Wit It’ will be re-released at the time of the product launch. “We’re ensuring that the line is on par with international standards when it comes to quality. This is a product that we want people to feel truly protected by so fans of the artiste and sexually active persons in general will feel secure about the condom itself,” said Hope. He explained that consumers will receive a CD bearing the ‘Play Wit It’ single with each special condom purchase.

Octave meanwhile is getting ready to travel to the US and Canada where he will be recording his album- carded for release on August 15, 2012. For more on the ‘Play Wit It’ line of condoms, log on to or, keyword- Millionaires Records.

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