Roots Recollections – Caribbean poems and folksongs

Roots Recollections – is the brand name of Marcia Barritt’s original Caribbean patwa` language poetry and distinguished cultural artworks.

Bilingual poet, spoken word artist, author, writer, ethnic illustrator and dual language self-publisher.
Marcia Barritt was born in Jamaica and came to England when she was seven years old, “London in the early 60’s – was a very hostile environment to grow up in… but thankfully – I’ve survived till now! I’m 51 years old and have lived in London for 44 years, which at times is hard to believe; in my lifetime, I’ve experienced many challenges and have seen an awful lot of changes, which has influenced social tolerance in British society – as a result given birth to multiculturalism, which many now take for granted.”
Marcia Barritt
In 1987, Marcia became disabled through spinal injury; which led to a downhill spiral of chronic degenerative health conditions – one of which is ‘Systemic Lupus’ which she continues to battle with daily. Bed and housebound for many years, and unable to have an active life her illnesses kept her a virtual prisoner. “The daily stupor of living with chronic debilitating pain can drive anyone to insanity, which at times I was on the brink of! It was at times like these that vivid images of my formative life, in the Caribbean remerged and inspired me to write and illustrate my own original; poems, prose folksongs and cultural short stories, which all reminisce my cultural roots and transition into British society. ”
By the end of 2004 – Marcia was able to self publish ‘Roots Recollections – Caribbean poems and folksongs’, her own unique collections of original inspirational works, written in the Jamaican Patwa language.
“I particularly wanted to write in my natural mother tongue, purely because I wanted to write books that my family and other Caribbean people, could really relate too. ”
Cultural Heritage Tableware and Giftware Collection.
“Most main stream book publishers, were just not interested in publishing literary works written solely in Patwa language (despite professing to be multi-cultural publishers.) So armed with this disturbing insight I was determined to bring into fruition the raw roots of a unlettered language, not easily understood by other cultures, but fundamental to Caribbean people and anyone interested in social history, identity and emancipation! …With this in mind not only did I want to further establish the languages creative credibility and place in the literary and visual media; but also as a way of preserving my own cultural heritage.”
In 2005 Marcia published her second book : Essence of the Soul -a contemporary poetry book of poems and prose, written in English to reflect the diversity of living in a British culture. It was followed in 2006 by her first short story called ‘Caribbean Country Tales of – Maya & Missa’ Mangoose’ Which is the first edition in a series of cultural short stories, depicting Caribbean rural lifestyles; specifically intended to maintain the survival of the Patwa language, in Caribbean communities around the world.
Once published, she managed to secure contracts for her spoken word works with ‘Listening Books,’ audio libraries. She has since performed regularly for ‘Black History Month, WestWord festivals, Respect Slams’, and spoken word events at the local borough events in London. “which is all quite remarkable! In spite of being laid up for weeks after; the satisfaction derived has enable me to experience first hand the benefits of preserving our cultural birthright! ”
“I am very proud and thankful for my early upbringing in Jamaica that has enabled me to endure ill health and disability, as well as being able to pass on a rich cultural inheritance to my own children and others in many communities worldwide. My ultimate desire is to promote the use of ‘patwa’ in the publishing world and educational system both in the UK and internationally. All books are accompanied by audio CD’s, with effective sounds effects to enhance visualization and ambience.”
Roots Recollections – is the brand name of Marcia Barritt’s original Caribbean patwa` language poetry and distinguished cultural artworks. Uniquely fused together to create an exclusive range of bespoke ‘Caribbean Cultural Heritage’ products available as: Keepsake Greeting Cards, exquisite fine porcelain Tableware & Giftware home accessories.
Cultural Heritage Tableware and Giftware Collection.
Digital art prints available as: Mounted Canvas/MDF Block Mount/ SilverBrush Aluminum/ German Etching/ Acrylic Sandwich Block and Paper prints. Available books include: Patwa’ language poetry, lyrical songs, cultural narratives and talking books.