South London Domino Fest 2016

SOUTH LONDON DOMINO FEST supports ONE LOVE Blood Donor Campaign

Theo Clarke, National BAME Marketing Manager, NHS Blood and Transplant, stated “There couldn’t be a more apt title for this Domino event than the big match!

It is incredibly important for sickle cell disease patients that they receive blood which is as matched as possible. The best way to get this match is via blood from a similar ethnic background. Therefore it is essential that we recruit more blood donors. May we thank oneLOVE, oneBLOOD for all their hard work and for involving us in this fantastic event – may the best team win and may everyone who is eligible consider becoming a blood donor!

Patrick McLean’s, cool “One Love” Jingle from his soulful “Go Right On” tune has shown that the Creative Industries Sector has an important role for raising awareness and encouraging Blood donations.

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Croydon Domino Club, Saturday 9th July,3pm

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