Tasha Danvers-Smith

Tasha Danvers-Smith

Tasha Danvers-Smith (born Natasha Danvers) on 19th September, 1977 is a woman of many talents. She was born and raised in London, England where she lived until she was recruited to run track at the University of Southern California in 1996.

From the beginning it was clear Tasha was destined to become one of USC’s true track stars. In her freshman year, not only did she become the PAC-10 400m Hurdles Silver Medalist, she was also an NCAA finalist. During her USC career, she continued her streak of success by winning or placing in the top 3 in several PAC-10, and NCAA Championships, not only in the 400m Hurdles, but the 100m Hurdles, High Jump, and 1600m relay.

USC’s head coach referred to Tasha as being ‘arguably USC’s greatest ever all-round track athlete’. Her winning personality and talent was not only recognized by her coaches but also her peers, when in 1999 as a junior she was first voted Team Captain, and then again as a senior. In 2000, she culminated her career achievements by becoming the PAC-10 and NCAA 400m Hurdles Champion, the highest possible achievement for a collegiate athlete. The year 2000 also saw Tasha break the USC school record (which still stands today) and become a Sydney Olympic Games Finalist in both her individual event and the relay.

After graduating from USC with a B.S. in Music Industry, Tasha has continued her athletic success as a professional athlete. Some of her earlier achievements include Commonwealth Games Finalist, European Championships Finalist, European U23’s Champion, the World University Games Champion and National Champion (on several occasions). In 2003 she set a personal best time of 54.02, which placed her 2nd on Great Britain’s All-Time List, behind Sally Gunnell (the former World Record Holder). In 2004, she took time off to give birth to her son Jaden Wayde Smith born December 8. Seven months after giving birth, in 2005, Tasha was back on the track competing at her National Championships where she placed 5th. This was the only year in her professional career where she was not ranked in the top 10 in the world. Her dedication continued to amaze those following her career when in 2006 not only was she back to being ranked #1 in Great Britain and 6 in the world, but she became the Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist.

The 2007 season illustrated how Tasha’s drive and determination will no doubt bring her Olympic success in 2008. In February 2007 she was awarded her Alma Mater’s highest honor, when she was inducted into the U.S.C. Track & Field Hall of Fame. Shortly after, she suffered from an injury, which took her out of training for 2 months, but just as with her pregnancy, this did not stop her. Tasha fought her way back to the top, finishing her season again ranked #1 in Great Britain, placing top 8 in the World Championships and running an outstanding time of 54.08 (only 6/100ths of a second off her lifetime best). Tasha is an amazing athlete with a great potential to be on the podium at the Beijing Olympic games in 2008.

Inspiring others to their own personal success is one of Tasha’s passions outside of Track & Field. She has a particular love for children and hopes that through her success and input she will ignite their human potential and personal effectiveness. She currently does this through public speaking and coaching. In addition to songwriting and singing, Tasha is also an artist, with many of her paintings available for sale and an exhibition planned for the summer of 2008. Tasha Danvers-Smith is a true star and true inspiration both on and off the track. Her determination, compassion, and desire to see others succeed makes her one of life’s winners.

Tasha Danvers-Smith
Stats At A Glance

400MH – 54.02 100MH- 12.96 400M – 53.26 300M – 37.80 High Jump – 1.82 (5’11” ¾)

European Cup Champion
UK National Champion
World Championship Finalist
World Athletic Finalist
Top 8 in the world.
British #1
Best Time: 54.08

Commonwealth Games Silver medalist
Gateshead Grand Prix Champion
European Cup Champion
UK National Champion
European Championship Finalist
World Athletic Finalist
British #1
Best Time: 54.82

UK Nationals Finalist
Best Time : 57.47

Out of Competition

World Championship Semi-Finalist
Best Time: 54.02 12.96 (Lifetime Bests)

Commonwealth Games Finalist
Best Time: 55.68 13.20

World University Games Champion
Best Time: 54.94

Pac-10 Champion
NCAA Champion
Olympic Games Finalist
Best Time: 54.95 13.20

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