Spread Your Wings and Fly

Spread Your Wings and Fly, the inspirational story of a child spiritual beyond his years
This August sees the release of the debut novel by popular poet and performance artist Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

Spread Your Wings and Fly is the tale of a sensitive eight year old Caribbean child with a powerful and distinctive imagination.

Andrew, left in the care of his aunts when his parents leave for England, is no ordinary boy, but a reflective and individualist soul with few friends; somehow out of place in a deeply religious and conservative Barbadian society. The story relates some rather odd occurrences, during the weeks leading up to his departure from his sundrenched island home for England and a reunion with his parents, as well as an introduction to his sisters.

Biographical fiction at its most poignant, the story is loosely based on the real life childhood experiences of the author.

“I wanted to introduce some themes which though rarely discussed, continue to profoundly affect those who as children, came to the “motherland” from the Caribbean and elsewhere in the fifties and sixties ” said Ngoma.

Andrew Walcott, the main character in an eight-year-old boy born at a time of social and political turbulence the Caribbean island of Barbados. Andrew is left by his mother, Monica, in the care of his three aunts, when she leaves to join his father in London in pursuit of the means of a better quality of life, intending to return home in a few years.

Ngoma Bishop is a founder member of the I-Storians who recently published an anthology of poetry and anecdotes entitled ‘The Whole Story’. He is chair of arts networking organisation the Black and Ethnic Minority Arts (BEMA) and of the House of Arts and Music Promotion Services (H-AMPS). As well facilitating a number of London based writer’s workshops, Ngoma also finds time to pursue a host of community development initiatives.

The launch of the book will be at the CLR James Library Dalston Lane, London E8 on the 28th August 2010

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Spread your Wings