New British brand soon to launch nutritious superfood based luxury products for the hair and skin.

Not just another…natural and organic brand!

SuperFoodLx is an advanced hair and skin care cosmeceutical which specializes in skin correction and hair growth systems.

The exciting and innovative premium brand has created a range of natural and organic products, with a haircare range developed to tackle dehydrated, greying, thinning and damaged hair, whilst its skin care recipes focus on aging and problematic skin.

Each carefully formulated product contains multiple superfood and edible ingredients that are beautifully fragranced using 100% essential oils or real plant derived perfume.

SuperFoodLx Cosmeceuticals has been formulated by a mother and daughter team from an incredibly knowledgeable background of a registered nurse with over 45 years of experience within the UK’s National Health Service and a nutritional expert who has written for various magazines across the UK and United States.

With a wealth of experience behind them, in August 2011, SuperFoodLx was conceptualized. Pronounced Super-Food-Lux, ‘superfood’ is a term used to describe a food with a highly nutritious content and ‘Lx’ is the Latin abbreviation of the word Lux – which is a scientific unit of light.

Paula and Cherry Francis have since been researching, formulating and refining scientific based recipes using the input of some of the finest dermatological and cosmetic scientists in the UK, ensuring they produce the most superior quality, beautifully fragranced and highly effective products possible, where not only does the product work but a little bit goes a long way.

Each recipe contains only healthy nourishing nature based ingredients with each product finding its strength with the use of superfood ingredients which include; argan (Moroccan) oil, macadamia nut, carrot, pomegranate, broccoli and hemp.

SuperFoodLx has been created for the true hair and skin care connoisseur and celebrates that with the wonderful collaboration of modernized, ancient secret recipes and honest nature based science.

The highly effective and luxurious products are all formulated and manufactured within the UK and conform to British Trading Standards and British Certified Organic standards.

All delicious kind to skin and hair recipes are suitable for those with the most sensitive skin. Products do not contain any paraffins, parabens, silicone, synthetic fragrance or mineral oils.

One SuperFoodLx trial user said: “Before using ILLUMINISM, my scalp was dry and itchy. After one use, the itching stopped and my hair is now the softest and healthiest it has ever been.”

Another trial user said: I colour and bleach my hair frequently and INTELLIGENCE is definitely the one product that helps my hair feel soft and look really really healthy and shiny.”

Paula, co-founder and director of SuperFoodLx said: “In my late twenties, I began to experience severe hair problems which included; breakage, minor hair loss and severe scalp irritation.

“When trying to find a solution to the problem, I found that all the products that I had been using contained a series of toxic and synthetic ingredients. Those labelled ‘organic’ in fact contained no organic ingredients and if they did, the accompanying ingredients were synthetic and damaging.

“When I informed my mother of the problem she mixed me a small glass pot of butters and oils which my hair responded to immediately. Overnight my hair regained its shine and within weeks my hair was growing back.

“As part of Cherry’s Jamaican heritage, as a child she grew up learning how to create pure and natural hair products for herself and continued to use real nutrient rich ingredients for both herself and her children as an adult.

“This is a where SuperFoodLx originated, Cherry and I are extremely excited and looking forward to launching our innovative products to the UK.”

SuperFoodLx is primarily launching its ILLUMINISM ADVANCED HAIR NUTRIENT COMPLEX (£16.50, 114ml) – formulated for relaxed and colour treated hair, exclusively for afro hair types.

INTELLIGENCE ADVANCED HAIR NUTRIENT COMPLEX (£36.00, 177ml) – a superior balance of botanicals and oils which fortify each strand of hair, to provide beautiful strong hair and renewed scalp health – will be available for sale from January 2014.

SuperFoodLx will be introducing its specialist skincare line later in 2014.

SuperFoodLx Cosmeceuticals is available for retail at

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