Tropical Storm Band Carnival Single

Tropical Storm Band

Tropical Storm Getting Ready for Carnival 2012

London is one most diverse ethnic regions of the world. The city boasts of many cultures, personalities and iconic landmarks the world has ever known. The Caribbean’s music/entertainment is a must that will be noticed when speaking about the West Indian culture. One of the latest highlights that have been the most spoken about is a Caribbean Music band called Tropical Storm Band.

Tropical Storm has so far managed to create a fan base nationwide in the UK and is looking to make a lot more moves with the months ahead of us. The band who is starting tour in cities including Manchester, Preston, Birmingham and London just to name a few has also launched it’s official website where you can see promotions and also get involved in a lot of the projects going on.

Tropical Storm is currently working on getting a 2012 Carnival single out for Notting Hill in August. For more information please visit the website