Ultimate Caribbean style BBQ tips.

Levi Roots ultimate Caribbean style BBQ tips.

The summer is sizzling and it is definitely time to check out Levi Roots ultimate Caribbean style BBQ tips.

Celebrity chef, musician and entrepreneur Levi Roots, is a very busy man. Set on world domination, with his everexpanding range of products.

We asked Levi in between his numerous television appearances about his ultimate BBQ.

“I think that there are six key secrets to having a successful BBQ. These are having the right meat, marinade, snacks, BBQ, music and of course your guests!”

* Meat The secret to great taste in your chicken or meat is to use a real charcoal BBQ to give you that authentic smokey flavour. Then all you have to do is keep your seasoning tasty but simple, ensure that the meat is properly cooked through and releases clear juices.

* Marinade Marinating overnight allows the seasoning to really seep into the meat which will release much more flavour when the meat is being cooked.

* Snacks It’s always a good idea to keep your guests happy with a few savoury nibbles while they are waiting for the ‘main meat’ ……my favourite nibbles are Reggae Peanuts & Cashews…..of course! You can also always experiment with different types of food on the grill to make healthy grilled snacks like pineapple slices, sugared oranges, or you can try light veg which has been coated in a little olive oil and seasoned with fresh herbs.

* BBQ Light up your BBQ well in advance before you start cooking – use enough charcoal so the BBQ base is covered evenly and leave the charcoal until it is glowing red with a white surface. Before starting to cook pour Guinness on top to release the flavour of the hops for a rich, earthy aroma.

* Music For a great BBQ you’ll want a nice chilled out summer vibe….nothing spells out summer BBQ like a good set of Reggae tunes…. My current album ‘Red Hot’ is full of laid back vibes – grab it now on iTunes, season up your meat…..and you’re well on your way to a memorable experience!

* Guests The BBQ is the perfect place to mix a little business with pleasure – everybody loves the taste of a good grill. Round up friends, family and business colleagues around some juicy bites and you can hardly go wrong.