Voice from the Wilderness by Clifton Cameron

Voice from the Wilderness is a book of poetry by Clifton Cameron

Clifton Cameron
Clifton Cameron, an up and coming Jamaican poet, living in London, writes poems, short stories and is currently working on two novels.

“Writing helps me to challenge my energy in a positive way. The things that I like most are to use my poetry as a voice for the small people all over the world. My poetry is unique and it captures the human spirit. My aim is to make poetry much simpler for people to understand. I would also like to see people embrace poetry in their everyday life. I would like my friends and fans to be able to connect with me through my work.”

Clifton came across poetry for the first time at Guanaboa Vale All Age School in St, Catherine, Jamaica. “My interest in poetry took place while I was in detention which I call exile. I was introduced to Shakespeare it was a very inspirational, hence I choose to do inspirational and motivational poems. Being away from family and friends gives me the desire and drives to write. I chose poetry because of its expressive nature and I use it as a voice for myself and others. Most of my poems tell a story which most people can identify with. Just look at the ways I used rhyming words, they don’t just rhyme but have great meaning to what I am saying.”

“Being to detention and prison helps me to understand myself, people and the hypocrisy that goes on in the world. I am not afraid to tackle difficult issues or topics that other would shun. For instant the Iraqi war, Abortion, the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, the UN, Terrorism and so on. The poem for my grand mother is real and very dear to me. Look out for a follow up story on my grand mother. The day my grand mother died was dedicated to my Nan and all the grand mothers of the world. Single mother is very special also and I have great respect for all single mothers who fight on their own to raise their kids. Delinquent dad is for all the no good father who didn’t take care of their kids; they are a disgrace to mankind.”

“As a Jamaican living in London the poem ‘Unity’ is important to me. I would love to see Black, white, Asian and all other nation lives as one. What a wonderful world it would be. We are all God children so all of us should live as one. This poetry book is a stepping stone for many more good things to come from me. I have some good work to come out after my first book (VOICE FROM THE WILDERNESS) there are two novels and some short stories and more poetry to come so look out. Most of the poems are about people I knew, things I saw and about me of course! ”


Voice from the Wilderness

# ISBN 13: 9781434395825
Published by AuthorHouse

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