Young, Gifted & Talented Music Compilation Project

2inspire Young Gifted Talented Music Compilation Project

Young, Gifted & Talented Music Compilation Project

The 2inspire Academy will be hosting a showcasing of the Young, Gifted & Talented Music Compilation Project to raise awareness of their crowdfunding campaign and to provide another opportunity for them to showcase their talents. This will be taking place at the CC VIP LOUNGE 26, New Kent Road Elephant & Castle, SE1 6TG; scheduled to start at 8pm and end at 10:30pm. The night will be hosted by Mr A Star and will be followed by an after party till 2AM.

The crowdfunding campaign launched by 2inspire Academy is aimed at raising funds to provide the artists with the opportunity to access a recording studio in order to produce a compilation album, get experience, work with professionals, gain exposure, and develop their own individual projects. The artists were hand-picked via an audition process because they displayed amazing talent in areas such as song writing, vocals and performance. All of the artists are all under the age of 30 and are aspiring artists who are actively pursuing a career in music.

The artist Jennifer Titilola Da Sweetnezz has had to overcome overwhelming shyness that often caused her to shake while on stage, in order to audition for the X Factor competition, and today she uses her talent to encourage and inspire young people in the UK. Maverick the beatboxer and Malachi the rapper are a phenomenal pair of siblings who have taken to doing music together, whereas Candice Chenade has been singing since she was a little girl and would like to use this gift to encourage other young people. The greatly talented Joshua Ashton Williams, having followed his mother’s advice to do that which makes him happy went on to become a Dramatic Arts teacher. These artists plus Warren Ryan and Jason Shogbamimu are all part of the Young, Gifted and Talented Collective.

The Young, Gifted & Talented Music Compilation Project is an attempt to bolster confidence in young men and women, to see to it that they do not quit on their dreams, harness their various talents and see them put to good use for greater elevation of their communities. Everyone has it in them to excel within their context. To contribute to this talent show and tour around the UK, you can:
• Donate an amount to this project;
• Attend the talent show for which entrance is free; or/and,
• Invite all your friends and colleagues to be a part of this great opportunity/event.

For more information on what we do and how you can get involved, please visit the website

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