Will There Ever be a World Where We are Colour Blind?

Racism in the European countries seems to differ from that of the United States and South Africa. England practises the most acute and subtle kind of racism. In other countries victims of racism know where they stand, and how to fight back against the portrayer of one of the most obscene and despicable ideologies any human being can comprehend, mans inhumanity to man.

The United Kingdom lulls its victims into a false regime based strictly on a class conscious society, so riddled with class divisions against their own people, in the form of the shelf system which has been in operation since the industrial revolution.

The enslaving of the English in the 15th, 16th and 17th and 18th centuries in the Caribbean, the United States, and Australia and in some cases the Latin American Countries is well documented.

We can still see remnants of slavery by the Europeans remaining today, resulting in the mixture of races in all these countries, apart from the areas where we see the outright destruction of the native inhabitants of these countries.

The enslavement of the black man from Africa, which resulted in the fall of the Ghana and Songhi Empire was indicative of the white slavery, hence the white slaves of the Caribbean and the black slaves who took their place had the same slave masters.

The conditioning of the black man was easy because of their insularity within the islands of the West Indies, to accept their position in life as one of servitude, depending on the white man for his mere existence.
To be grateful to his oppressors when small aspects of decency were shown in the realm by overlooking small misdeamours committed in disobeying their masters, sometimes leading to disquiet and discontent among the victims, brought in its wake the law of divide and conquer, at the same time using the oppressed against the oppressed thereby causing deeper and deeper division sometimes leading to hate and malice by one oppressed to the other oppressed, while the oppressors themselves gloated when they succeeded in destroying the minds and breaking the will of the oppressed, leading to hate and mistrust among themselves, leaving them so distorted to the state of destruction,. While their masters in far away countries like the United Kingdom celebrate with glee the conquest of the so-called master-race over people who they later described as sub-human and mere animals. The essence of this division was based on the masters themselves, their infidelity by using the women of the inferior class as sexual objects to carry out their lust and depravity by forced sexual intercourse and rape, creating a in between nation not knowing where they belonged and who they are.

These backward and limited people from the Caribbean never in their wildest imagination believed they would enter and stand on the soil in the country they were told flowed with milk and honey, where the streets of London were paved with gold.

In their servitude it would be sacrilege to dream of a black man entering heaven, even in disguise, they were conditioned to believe their masters were from a land so precious, so godly and superior that it gave them the right to use and abuse as they saw fit.

The masters themselves never thought that one day the people so inferior would enter their domain, they done everything possible to stop this happening.

First there was the law of illegitimacy where an illegitimate child could not accede to his father’s wealth or any part thereof of his father’s property, hence even the illegitimate sons and daughters were not expected to cross the seas.

As late as 1971 an act of Parliament tried to enforce these actions when they brought in the Immigration Act in an effort to stop the flow of their sons and daughters, who by then were skeletons in the cupboard in the homes of the landed gentry and aristocrats of Britain, the patrons of the art who were slave masters, and great great grandfathers and mothers.
A clause was brought in by Parliament namely the Patriality Act of 1971, in order that the Immigration Act applied to black people only and not people from Canada, New Zealand, Austrailia and the United States, we were told to prove our patriality, you had to prove your great grandmother and father were citizens of the British Isles, and a marriage certificate had to be presented, that at a time of such union a legal state of marriage had taken place.
Of course this excluded all the 100’s of 1,000’s of black people living in Britain, because at the time of such union the British Parliament knew that no such marriage took place, therefore the patrial from the Caribbean could not prove their patriality, so could be repatriated back to the Caribbean if the occasion ever arose when it was expedient to do so.
The people still in their ignorance, still bearing that inbred inner belief of their inferiority were so patriotic that they volunteered in mass as Soldiers, Airman and Merchant Navy Personal and later on after the War, came in droves to rebuild the Mother Country, which was destroyed by the English themselves and other Europeans.
These people sacrificed all they could to sustain a land which they loved, not realising in that land there was no love, gratefulness or respect, and were disillusioned in their belief spiritually and morally.
Spiritually when the doors of the Churches were closed in their faces to discover they were neither Roman Catholic or Anglican as they believed, and had entered a country which was void of Christianity and where the full force of racism was brought to bear against them. The pain of such disillusionment and sorrow, after being stripped of all the things they believed in, and the realization that all our hopes both spiritually and morally all forms of human decency and the pride which was deep within, believing we were a part of a great nation, which we were prepared to die for was only an illusion.
This is what makes us what we are today, stripped of our Christianity, of our belief in our dignity and pride, our hopes and aspirations for ourselves and our children, our disillusionment is complete.
To some of us not even death is the answer as we pine to return to the land of our birth, knowing we have to leave our offspring behind in a no man’s land.

In our deep sorrow we try not to be bitter, not to moan over our misfortune, not to destroy ourselves with hatred, but endeavour to let the light of friendship flow within us in the hope that together, we will build the nation we once believed in, a nation free of racism, free of hate, free of contempt for one to another.

Hoping one day history may be recorded for once in our favour, that we have contributed to a world where we are colour blind, where class no longer exists, a world where equality, justice and love prevail.

This is my hope for the future of mankind and our species, if we are to continue and not disappear like the dinosaur, to be found in the dust of the earth, where our destiny lies in a history of self destruction.

by Enrico A Stennett