Caribbean Potluck

Modern Recipes from our Family Kitchen Suzanne & Michelle Rousseau

The Caribbean; turquoise oceans, warm sultry nights, intoxicating music and vibrant, delicious food, what’s not to love? Those warm, white sandy beaches may be thousands of miles away from us in the UK, but Jamaican sisters Suzanne and Michelle Rousseau bring a taste of the Caribbean into your home, with their fantastic first cookbook, Caribbean Potluck.

A melting-pot of bold flavours from their rich Caribbean heritage and culinary knowledge from their travels around North America, Europe and Asia, these recipes will bring the unforgettable scents and flavours of Caribbean into your home kitchen.

Caribbean Potluck is a true ‘Mix Up and Blenda’ as the Jamaicans would say, combining a deep cultural background, a potpourri of tantalising modern Caribbean stories and a raw passion for unique food. The recipes presented in this book are original creations.

Some are truly traditional, some are modern versions of traditional dishes and some would not be considered traditionally Caribbean at all; the Rousseau sisters, however, do consider them Caribbean because of their predominant use of Caribbean ingredients, spices and seasonings.

From Light Salads (Plantain with Avocado, Coriander & Manchego); Simple Dinners (Jerked Salmon with Fresh Fruit Salsa); Comfort Food (Sweet Potato Gratin, Pumpkin Rice), Sunday Bests (Roast pork with Crackling and Rum Sauce) and Party Tricks (Rum Flambeed Coconut Prawns) these sumptuous recipes will rejuvenate any tired repertoire. Their more modern approach to Caribbean food means you’ll even see examples of Caribbean twists on Italian favourites throughout the book such as their Jerked Chicken Lasagne.

Also included is a comprehensive how-to section, showing where to source, how to prep and what to substitute with, if unavailable. A ‘Brawta’ collection of ‘extras’ helps to create a complete Caribbean fiesta, with drinks, music and entertaining tips ensuring you’ll be throwing the ‘sweetest fetes’ in town.

The Rousseau sisters believe that life should be celebrated in every moment to its fullest, so turn up the reggae music, crack out the rum and salsa long into the night with their delectable Caribbean dishes to fuel the party.

Suzanne & Michelle Rousseau are the official culinary hostesses for the Jamaican Tourist Board. Former restaurateurs and current award-winning caterers, both girls have lived and travelled widely in the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Asia.

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Published by Kyle Books, 8th May 2014, priced £19.99