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Trinidad and Tobago leads with eco-trails initiative

Trinidad and Tobago continues to blaze a pioneering trail in eco-tourism development with the recent launch of Phase 1 of the Eco-Adventure Trails Project.

Launched on Saturday, August 22, by Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Tourism, the first phase of the national eco-adventure trails development project comprises nine kilometers of scenic trails stretching from Grande Riviere to Sans Souci.

Shaded by forest canopy, boasting spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, and bordered by lush foliage and cool springs, the Grande Riviere to Sans Souci trail is part of a wider project to rehabilitate 1,000 kilometers of existing trails throughout Trinidad and Tobago over a five-year period. These rehabilitated trails follow ancient pathways that were once traversed by Trinidad and Tobago’s First Peoples.

In addition to a walk through the island’s history, the trails project will also offer locals and visitors an extensive range of eco-adventure and leisure experiences including hiking, zip lining, biking, bird watching, sea bathing and nature photography.

Managed by the Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC), the project is being implemented by the Trinidad and Tobago In-Coming Tour Operators’ Association. The nature trails project is just one of several initiatives being undertaken to improve the quality of Trinidad and Tobago’s tourism product and attract international visitors who crave novel eco-experiences.

The dual island nation is ranked as the third most competitive tourism economy in the Caribbean according to the 2015 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report.

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