Anthony B – Reggae Legends

Anthony B Reggae Legends

Anthony B – Reggae Legends, Out this Week

Anthony B remains one the most successful reggae artists of recent times. His live performances are legendary and he continues to perform to sold out crowds around the globe.

VP presents a CD box set collecting four original albums from Reggae Legend, Anthony B, in reproduction sleeves giving an extensive overview of this ever popular artist.

Includes the hit singles “God Above Everything”, “Good Cop”, “World A Reggae Music”, “I Understand”, “Don’t Buss Your Gun” as well as collaborations with Jah Cure, Ras Shiloh, Culture, The Mighty Diamonds, Natty King & Turbulence.

Anthony B – Reggae Legends – Track Listing

CD1 “That’s Life”
01. Good Life
02. Dutty Heart
03. Fire Pon Di Government
04. Equal Rights
05. Dust ‘Em Out
06. Fire Dance
07. Man Got To Do
08. That’s Life
09. Black Coffee
10. All God’s Children
11. Love Or Infatuation
12. Wave Of the Cross
13. Rally Round
14. Mad Dem
15. Lock The Guns Down
16. I Will Never Bow Down

CD2 “Street Knowledge”
01. God Above Everything
02. Police
03. Two Sevens Clash feat. Culture
04. Revelation
05. Ghetto Man Do That
06. Don’t Buss Your Gun
07. Key To Your Heart feat. Courtney Melody
08. Wind And Roses
09. Dancing Mood
10. Change Of Weather
11. Good Cop
12. Clean Your Heart
13. Pass The Kutchie feat. The Mighty Diamonds
14. Gun Powder
15. Stop Di War In The Music
CD3 “Black Star”
01. Intro
02. World A Reggae Music
03. Praise Jah
04. Poor Man’s Cry feat. Jah Cure
05. I Understand
06. Give Thanks feat. Ras Shiloh
07. Never Sell Out
08. Watch over my Soul
09. Black History
10. Come Free My Mind
11. Don’t Buss Your Gun
12. Rastafari Crown
13. Sunshine
14. Start It Now
CD4 “Higher Meditation”
01. Intro
02. Higher Meditation
03. Honour To Marcus feat. Natty King
04. Nah Run From People
05. Hold On
06. Just Can’t Live That Way
07. Ease Off
08. One Chalice
09. Tired Of Waiting In Vain
10. Your Time Has Come
11. Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah
12. Smoke Weed Everyday
13. No Pass Pass
14. Real Warriors feat. Turbulence