Mr Bogle International dancehall star and choreographer dies

Mr Bogle: R.I.P Thursday, January 20, 2005

International dancehall star and choreographer, and the man who put ‘dance into dancehall’ Gerald Levy, a.k.a. Mr Bogle, a.k.a Mr Wacky the international Dancehall star, choreographer and the man who put dance into Dancehall, has been shot dead at a petrol station in Kingston, Jamaica.

Police report that as he was parked on the side of the road, 2 people rode by on a motorbike and opened fire. Members of Bogle’s Black Roses Crew were also hit in the attack including a 16 year old boy. Police suspect it to be part of a a gangland feud.

Mr Bogle is internationally recognised for creating popular Dancehall dances including his trademark move the ‘Bogle Dance’. He will be remembered for this famous move, as well as ‘Zip it Up’, ‘World Dance’, ‘Logon’, the ‘Butterfly’, ‘Sesame Street’, and many more. His legacy will go unmatched in the Dancehall scene, in Jamaica and around the world. He is also responsible for giving us the Dancehall tune ‘Weh Dem Did Deh’

He came on to the scene strong, in the beginning of the 1990’s, and has remained in the frontline of Jamaican Dancehall ever since. Mr Bogle was a huge influence on major Dancehall stars, such as Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Buju Banton, amongst others. Beenie man has since told reporters that he has a reward for the capture of the killers, of $1,000,000 Jamaican dollars, to be raised each week until they are caught.

Condolences to family and friends of Mr Bogle, the King of the Dancehall scene.