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For years the dancehall has been dominated a male voice. With deejays and singers, it has been a relatively tough business for a woman to enter. To be a female contender you must have a tight package. Style, flair, lyrics, performance and can either really sing or deejay. Ce’Cile strikes a balance between confidence and humility. A visually astounding woman with a sultry sound, the twenty something year old exhibits wisdom beyond her years.

Born and raised in the parish of Manchester, Ce’Cile attended Bishop Gibson High School. Surrounded by a family of singer Ce’Cile extends the highest praises to her sisters, whom she boasts have amazing voices. Releasing her first recording at the youthful age of fifteen, she follow-up shortly thereafter with “Beat of My Heart” for Ibo Cooper, then a member of Third World.

A woman full of multifaceted talent, Ce’Cile used to work for Celestial Sounds, where she took care of running the business as well as vocal arrangements in the production studio. With a history of harmonizing in and out of the recording studio for artists like Spanner Banner, Norris Man, Chrisinti and a host of others, Ce’Cile had been patiently making the strategic moves sure to insure herself on top in the Dancehall community!

Nevertheless, in doing all this, Ce’Cile miraculously leaves room for more, being the first and foremost an accomplished singer and songwriter. To her distinct credit Ce’Cile represents an emerging pro-originality female component in the music industry. A poet in her young days, Ce’Cile has evolved into a talented songwriter. Writing for herself and the voices of her peers, Ce’Cile refuses to sell her creative abilities short. Inspired by Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” in the 80s. She brings a unique dimension of R&B, to reggae music. Ce’Cile’s voice naturally fuses R&B, Pop, and Reggae, creating a powerful sound diversity.

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