7th Black Dolls Expo!

Black Dolls Expo 2015

The 7th Black Dolls Expo!

The 7th Black Doll Expo is an informative, fun, inspirational and thought provoking event reflecting this year’s theme: ‘What’s IMAGE got to do with it?’

All visitors are welcome and encouraged to arrive early (we only have three and a half hours!) to take advantage of free (for the first 5 Kids at the door) face-painting; ‘win-a-doll’ raffle; genuine networking; purchasing BLACK DOLLS, original art works, prints, books, cards, posters, accessories & light refreshments. There will be a creative corner for making your own doll, dressing-up for a photo-shoot and storytelling.

The 2015 event brings a true commitment to uplifting African and Caribbean cultural heritage, identity and self-image; enhancing African and Caribbean pride to boost children’s self-esteem. It is bringing critique and insight about the value and importance of culturally specific play and learning materials and resources in the British commercial sector. In the six years that Operation Sankofa has been organising the Black Dolls Expo, it is encouraging to note that we have attracted the attention of several talented doll-makers and collectors who are able to showcase their creations.

This event is a unique opportunity for family and friends to share, celebrate, and promote Black Dolls alongside a host of international Black doll creators, collectors & vendors. We are very excited about hosting Folk from France, Martinique, Nigeria, South Africa and the UK – including Poupees des Tropiques, AfroToys, Anaisarts, Dolls by VeronaC, Ntombenhle Dolls, Family Constellation Dolls, HandyWoolWorks, Queens of Africa Dolls! An updated listing of the all the Participants will be available on the Facebook page.

This year’s event will feature a presentation by Lekia Lee, a beauty advocate who promotes self love and healing of our distorted self image. She founded ‘Project Embrace’ – a platform for African Women and Girls to appreciate their natural beauty and hair. She is also the producer and presenter of “Kouture Afrika” TV show on Vox Africa, which showcases / celebrates African fashion made in London.

The event will be filmed and photographed.

Operation Sankofa will host the Seventh Black Dolls Expo on Saturday, June 13th 2015 (2pm – 5.30pm) at The BRIX, St. Matthew’s Church, Brixton Hill, London SW2 1JF. Tickets are available on the day – £5 for adults and £3 for children /young people over 5 years and up to 16 years. All proceeds go to promotions and research about black dolls.

Operation SankƆfa is filling the gap in the British market for the promotion of dolls that reflect African and Caribbean children back to themselves.

The ‘7th Black Dolls Expo’ provides a unique networking opportunity for parents, guardians, educators, and everyone with an interest in viewing and/or buying black dolls.

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