Dennis Morris Photography Exhibition 2009

Growing Up Black – Dennis Morris Photography Exhibition

Hackney Museum presents ‘Growing up Black’ an exhibition by Dennis Morris (October 1 2009 – January 23 2010). Former Hackney resident Dennis Morris is a celebrated photographer whose photos of Bob Marley, the Sex Pistols, Grace Jones, Marianne Faithful, Tricky and many more have become iconic images seen around the world.

Dennis first discovered photography as a young boy living in Dalston during the 1960s, when a photography club was set up at his local church. Dennis’ quickly developed a love of the art and his first professional photograph appeared on the front of the Daily Mirror when he was aged just 11 .

From there his hobby became a vocation. He had intended to become a photojournalist, but eventually went onto become one of the world’s leading music photographers with a career spanning over 40 years.

Remembering where it all started for him, Dennis has decided to donate two collections from his early work to Hackney Museum, one of which is titled Growing up Black.

The collection documents West Indian culture in Hackney during the late 1960s and 1970s – when Dennis was still a teenager. The photos reveal the living conditions, youth culture, fashion and music, as seen by Dennis at family occasions, christenings, parties and clubs, at home, on the streets or in church .

He travels extensively around the world working and lecturing and whenever he returns to London, to is alarmed by the levels of crime he hears about in the news. He wants Growing Up Black to serve as a way of showing young people how hard life really was in previous generations for the West Indian community. The donation presents an exciting prospect for Hackney Museum and is a valuable addition to its collection.

Dennis Morris Photography Exhibition 2009