We Love Carnival Screenings 2014

BFI We love carnival screenings 2014

We Love Carnival Screenings 2014 provides a dazzling showcase of the Caribbean carnival in Britain.

Savannah View director Michael La Rose curates a weekend of Caribbean Carnival on film as part of the BFI African Odysseys Programme. The second year of the groundbreaking film screening event explores the art, history and struggle for the Caribbean Carnival in Britain.

The films to be shown include the documentary ‘Looking For Claudia Jones’ in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the death of this important cultural and political activist. Claudia Jones’ courageous work is explored including her contribution to establishing the Caribbean Carnival in Britain.

There are also the rare short films ‘Mas in the Ghetto; Notting Hill Carnival 1973’ and ‘Interview with Leslie Palmer’ which documents the establishment of the Notting Hill Carnival as we know it today.

The BBC’s ‘Summer 76 Carnival’ records the mas’, issues, individuals and build up to the explosive Carnival which propelled the Notting Hill Carnival to global notoriety.

Finally there is the beautifully musical 1991 film by Dalton Narine ‘Panorama; Festival of the Pans part1’ which explains the steelband art and the unique musical competition at the heart of the Trinidad Carnival.

The films will be followed by interactive panel discussions with panelists that include Alex Pascal, Nia Reynolds, Donald Hinds, Anthony Perry, Dalton Narine, Leslie Palmer and Corinne Skinner –Carter and others.

Screenings start at 11am until 5pm with a lunch intermission. A fantastic opportunity to understand the hidden history and art of the Caribbean Carnival in Britain.

We Love Carnival Screenings 2014 at the British Film Institute
We Love Carnival Screenings 2014, curated by Michael La Rose. Part of the BFI African Oeysseys Programm. A day of Caribbean Carnival on film. The film screenings explore the Art, History and Struggle for the Caribbean Carnival in Britain.

Looking For Claudia Jones (Dir. Nia Reynolds 50min)
Mas in the Ghetto; Notting Hill Carnival 1973 (Dir. Anthony Perry, Leslie Palmer 11min)
Summer 76 Carnival (BBC 1976. Dir Shirley Fisher. 50min)
Panorama; Festival of the Pans part1 (Dir.Dalton Narine 33min)

Date 16th August 2014
Time 11am – 5pm
British Film Institute Belvedere Road, South Bank London SE1 8XT
Website www.bfi.org.uk
Tickets £8
There will be an interval for lunch