Macadamia Hair Oil

Macadamia Hair Oil

Discovering the Cherished Secret to Healthy Hair!

The Macadamia Natural Oil Brand Story Continues. In just three years, Macadamia Natural Oil has risen to become a global phenomenon in professional hair care. From a standing start, the combination of innovative formulations that deliver tangible and never-experienced-before results, beautifully executed packaging, creative merchandising and unique products that bring something truly new and different to international hairdressing has seen the brand become a best-seller in over 90 countries worldwide.

With an exotic blend of Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil as the central feature of this collection, it’s restorative, healing and conditioning powers are infused throughout the range to give Macadamia a point of difference in the market and to consumers.

Hair has never been touched by something so luxurious in every sense; it makes hair look and feel noticeably different, its signature scent makes hair deliciously fragrant and its brand styling oozes the ultimate in designer packaging to provide a uniquely new boutique offering that has captivated professional hairdressers and their clients.

The range has grown too. From its beginnings as a 6-product compact hair care collection, styling products emerged and now our application of expertise and innovation in hair care has seen the introduction of inspirational, market-defining products such as Flawless and StraightWear.

Supported with innovative tools; the oil-infused comb, 100% Boar bristle brush collection and now the StraightWear Smoothing Iron, Macadamia is the complete hair care solution as it is proven to suit every hair type and every professional hair care application, as well as satisfying every need of the consumer at home, or on the go.

Here’s our collection for your indulgence!

What came next…?

Retail positioning units and gift sets available for professional salons. After establishing a global reputation in no time at all, Macadamia added value to this initial collection by creating a creative gift collection to promote retail sales. Then work began on extending the range to deliver unique products that added something different to the market.

With the introduction of new products and major launches on the cards, the Macadamia brand will enter a new phase in its development with more extraordinary, equally innovative and even revolutionary, things to come.

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