The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword by Enrico A Stennett

One of the problems for black people residing in the United Kingdom is that they are faced with a News Media who use the printed word in the process of mis-education, not only of the masses but the black people themselves.

The printed word has been used over the century as a means of falsifying the recorded history of the black people, thereby misrepresenting history to represent those who viciously hide behind a facade of mis-representation and mis-interpretation. The printed word has been used in the process of mis-education not only of the masses, but the black people, to the extent that such people have come to believe in their inherent inferiority, without having the understanding that historically the black man has made more contributions to the spiritual, scientific and economic well being of humanity than any other nation.

Through the power of the written word we have learnt about great men of history, such as Esop, St Augustine, St Maurice, Alexander Dumas, and even Christ himself, yet although the names of these men are known to us historically we cannot reconcile with the fact, that these creators of history were part and parcel of the black race.

We read about the House of Marlborough, The House of the Bernadette’s of Sweden, Queen Charlotte of England, Peter the Great and many other men of prominence. We also read of women of prominence, such as Queen Nephritides, Queen of Sheba, women who were prominent in history long before the existence of any European, yet we fail to recognise that we as black people have a historical past to look on with dignity and pride.

Today’s media continues its same downward slope, but more vile and wicked as it sets out to discredit every aspect of life and contribution made by the black people. The black people have no means of access to put their views across all we have to read is the clap trap of slanders and lies perpetrated against our race by a white media seeking its own glorification while at the same time, doing everything which lies within its power to hide the wicked evils done to the black people throughout the ages, in their pious humbugs, expanding their hypocrisy, while sitting in their fools paradise, thinking we do not understand what they mean when they speak about the free world about democracy and about justice.

The black people on the other hand have come to accept this as the norm. We have seen a media which has gradually become over the period more debased and vulgar, who exist on sensationalism, debauchery, sadism, murder, lust, and scandal.

The media has turned the world into a cesspool and has succeeded in conditioning the minds of its readers to accept as good journalism, the filth that embraces racism and everything that is evil as newsworthy.

How long will black people continue to support those who ridicule them and at the same time ignoring their own voice, although it echoes, cannot be heard in the midst of the euphoria of the white press.

by Enrico A Stennett