Unveil: An Appeal to Consciousness

Unveil Murielle Crane

Unveil: An Appeal to Consciousness by Murielle Crane

Unveil: An Appeal to Consciousness achieves nothing less than a complete scholarly unmasking of the causal factors which precipitated, as well as the devastating effects which flow from, our ongoing collective national historical assault upon the dignity and well being of People of Color.

The overall goal of this book is to encourage each and every one of us to become more personally aware of the objectively unfounded biases which contaminate both our attitudes and our behavior. Future social and racial progress must be weaned upon a process of purification which can only come from a better understanding of our past. Therefore, it is incumbent upon a would-be enlightened community to more deeply probe into issues such as: the impact and aftermath of slavery, colonial aggrandizement, the breakdown of the Black community, and the continuous cycle of destruction within our inner cities, to name but a few. As this book so amply demonstrates, only by pursuing the Socratic dictum of knowing who we have been can we ever hope to become the type of people who are worthy of inheriting the earth