Morant Bay Rum at IFE Expo 2015

Morant Bay Rum

Morant Bay Rum to showcase to 101 countries at IFE Expo this March

Morant Bay Rum, founded by the Morant Bay Distillery owner Peter Townsend, will make its international debut in London at the International Food & Drink Expo (IFE) at the Excel centre, this March.

The IFE itself will attract people from over 100 countries worldwide covering food and drink retailing, distribution, export and the hospitality sectors, the key markets that Morant Bay Rum is seeking to connect with over the four consecutive days of the event.

Morant Bay Distillery worked out over the four days of IFE, it would break down on average 25 coutries per day, so whilst it is doable, the challenge will be to make it happen, when the expected turnout for IFE is around 30,000 visitors, including buyers and key decision makers.

This rum is a new entrant into the ever growing rum sector and one founded on innovation, a 21st century approach to meet the modern consumer trends and packaged in an eye-catching stylish ruby red bottle, for a more upscale market.

In a blind tasting session against five other market leading rum brands, it scored over 90% in terms of taste and satisfaction from a panel of 100 people who attended.

With the molasses sourced from the same estate in Jamaica owned by his great grandfather James Townsend, that used to supply Tate & Lyle.

The rum is then produced using temperature controlled conditions at a site in the UK replicating the climate of Jamaica for rum production, distilling and ageing, with the bottling process all taking place in one location.

This allows for direct access into the European markets servicing them quickly, utilising the UK as an advantageous and strategic hub of operations in London, the Morant Bay Distillery can take advantage of the wealth of events and
business opportunities in one of the world’s largest influential cultural capital cities.

Long term the plan is to set up Jamaican operations to cater for the America’s, Australisia, China and the tourism market, economically develop more opportunities for Jamaica to export globally, as the Jamaican brand has a high cultural value and international presence. Jamaica to export globally, as the Jamaican brand has
a high cultural value and international presence.

For more information visit the Morant Bay Distillery website